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Tim Ranzetta While these numbers may seem impressive, the NGPF team and the community of educators feel an urgency to do more. The pandemic has reminded us that too many Americans are being left behind economically, and the stats for financial education demonstrate that is happening in the classroom too. I’m usually a sentence or two into my spiel about co-founding a nonprofit organization focused on financial education when I’m interrupted with, “That’s a class I wish I had in school” or “Can you teach my children/grandchildren?” The statistics, the quizzes and the behaviors all point to a lack of financial capability, a term I prefer to literacy since there is nothing basic about understanding how to manage money. Talk to adults, high school students, parents and community members, and almost all would agree that:  Peruse the results of survey after survey, and then more surveys, and it’s clear that there’s overwhelming support. So why are so few high school students guaranteed to have taken a personal finance click here to investigate course before they cross that graduation stage? Our 2021 Report on Access to Financial Education to be released later this month finds that only 1 in 5 students (20%) currently graduates from a high school where every student is guaranteed to take a personal finance course. One in 3 students (33%) attend a high school where no personal finance courses are available. We have Mission 2030 set as the Big Hairy Audacious Goal for this community of personal finance educators. We strive in partnership to guarantee that by 2030, every student will cross that high school graduation stage with the financial skills to thrive in the future. How? By taking a one-semester personal finance course that is relevant, up-to-date and engaging. Entrepreneurs are “glass half-full” people, so let me share with you signs of positive momentum. Here are a few, including grassroots stories homepage that inspire us to do more: • 25 states and the District of Columbia have introduced bills in their state legislatures that focus on increasing access to financial education. • There are 1,400-plus “Gold Standard” schools (outside of the five states mentioned earlier), where a teacher, a student, a board member, a community member, a principal or a superintendent stood up and said personal finance needs to be a priority in our community. • Sue Comparato of Swampscott High School in Massachusetts advocated for more than a decade to make it happen. • Bill Joy, a long-term substitute teacher at Lucy Beckham High School in South Carolina with 25 years of corporate experience, made it happen there. So how can you make a difference in this fight for financial education? Here are some ideas on how to get started. Talk about it at home with your children or grandchildren.

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NY pot law creates safety, liability issues for contractors The legalization last month of recreational marijuana in New York State created uncertainty for contractors on how to ensure jobsite safety, and could open them up to more liability than in any of the other 14 states where pot is no longer outlawed, industry observers told Construction Dive. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation March 31 making it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to possess up to 3 ounces of the drug for recreational use. But due to the high hurdle of defense for the state's so-called " Scaffold Law, " which imposes absolute liability on contractors for gravity-related injuries, even those to or caused by a worker who is impaired, construction advocates are now at a loss for how to ensure jobsite safety while protecting their own business interests. "Impairment isn't a defense under the Scaffold Law," said Mike Elmendorf, CEO of Associated General Contractors of New York State, which unsuccessfully attempted to get the Scaffold Law changed due to the introduction of the marijuana legislation. "We have real, significant concerns, not just about safety, but also because this just adds more liability into a universe for construction in New York where you already have absolute liability. It's a real black hole at this point." The concerns don't just end at safety and liability. Because marijuana can stay in a user's system for weeks, there's no readily available test to determine if someone ingested the drug before work, on the job or at last weekend's barbecue. "While it may be legal to use cannabis products recreationally once the law takes effect, it's not OK to come to work impaired," Elmendorf said. "The real challenge is that the science of cannabis impairment testing is not really there yet. It's not like if you think somebody is drunk, and you can administer a breathalyzer." Thus, the real onus for determining if workers are high on the job, and taking action to send them home, rests with the site superintendent, said David Pfeffer, a construction attorney and partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP in New York City. "In other states like California that have had marijuana use on the books for years, nothing has really changed," Pfeffer said. "If a worker comes to the site and he seems impaired, then there will be a test and a judgment call by the site safety superintendent on the project." That testing might include ones similar to those used by police for roadside sobriety tests, such as checking on speech, appearance and the ability to walk in a straight line, Pfeffer said. The people administering those tests would need to be specially trained, as law enforcement officers are currently, to spot signs of being high.  Another issue is insurance. New York contractors already pay 30% more for workers' compensation insurance than the national median, according to online insurance brokerage Insureon , and Elmendorf said rates for liability insurance in the state were among the highest in the nation.   Now, with New York's marijuana law essentially holding contractors responsible for workers who are impaired, Elmendorf argued that getting insurance in the Empire State could become even tougher. "The book is not completely written yet, but this opens up a whole new world of challenges for employers in general, and specifically for construction employers," Elmendorf said.